Why Bailey Caravans?

Bailey comes from a strong heritage of manufacturing caravans and motorhomes in Bristol, celebrating its 70thBirthday this year, making Bailey the UK’s longest established leisure vehicle manufacturer. Established in Australia since 2010, Bailey Australia’s range of caravans are designed, built for Australia in Melbourne, Victoria.

Many Australians buy a Bailey caravan for the following reasons;

Design & Layout:

With a strong British heritage Bailey caravans utilize their 70 years experience and apply them into designing and building the Australian Range of Bailey caravans. Big panoramic sky view windows are a Bailey trait allowing for natural light throughout the caravan and creating great environments with the front club lounges. The perfect way to spend your day relaxing and enjoying the environment around you with no obstructions. Bailey caravans are also very aware of ensuring there’s a fine balance between maximising space and storage.

Quality of Finish:

Another trait of Bailey caravans is the finish, to produce high quality caravans we use high quality components. With fixtures you expect from high end houses like Domestic Blum kitchen hinges, soft close cupboards & draws, LED lighting throughout and high wear upholstery. Bailey caravans are assembled by a highly skilled and trained staff to ensure a personal touch of quality and fitment are in each van.

Benefits of Lightweight:

Lightweight caravans provided many people the ability to own a larger size caravan without the need to purchase a new tow vehicle. This alone can save customers over $50,000 + and gives them the ability to add some of those options that they have been searching for. The overall ATM of your caravan can have a massive impact on the amount of fuel you consume on your trip. Even if your Towing vehicle has more than enough towing capacity the lighter your caravan the less money you’ll spend on fuel. If your lightweight caravan is made of fiberglass then most insurance agencies offer a discounted rate. We find Bailey customers get the best deal from their insurance agencies due to our Alu-Tech body shell and warranty.


As standard Bailey offers a 10 Year Warranty against water ingress a class-leading offer, because we are so confident with our build quality and product. The patented Alu-Tech system is what makes Bailey so different from other caravans, with no wood in the walls or ceiling there is no chance of rotting wood from the inside. Bailey also offer a 3 Year Warranty on all other parts of your caravan to help you get the most out of your caravan.

Testing and Engineering:

Bailey caravans Alu-Tech construction ensures Bailey caravans are stronger and more resistant to the Australian conditions. After torture testing our caravans across the widest part of Australia from WA to NSW they travelled over 8,000km on brutal corrugations and withstood the challenge that no other manufacturer has done. Bailey caravans have been cold chamber tested to -15 degrees and heat chamber tested to 60-degree heat ensuring your caravan is both hot and cold when you need it most. Before Bailey caravans are released we test the prototype caravans at the Anglesea Automotive Research Centre where the caravans are subjected to a full week of accelerated life testing. The intensive ‘destruction programme’ which is the equivalent of 10,000km of travel in demanding Australian conditions including hard road use on a variety of roads and surfaces, more than 1000km of body-shaking corrugations, gradient and highway roads, chassis twist tests, and wet and dry road testing.

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